• The introductory price, at $97 is much less than the usual $397 and you’ll get a free copy of Flying Secrets, a 211 page e-book that normally sells for $97.
  • You save $397!
  • You need to act now to guarantee the savings.

Option 1: (recommended) Register for Superior Private Pilot and download Flying Secrets immediately for free (a $494 value) all for only $97.

Option 2: Only register for Superior Private Pilot, $97.

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  • After visiting the PayPal website, please check your email to confirm your address so we can protect your privacy.
  • This price remains in effect until the class fills or registration closes. Then recordings of Superior Private Pilot will be available for $197 and Flying Secrets will be available for $97. Sorry, once the class fills I may not be available to answer non-class member questions (I can only handle a limited number of students at one time.)

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