Pilot's Online Academy

Pilot’s Online Academy is dedicated to transforming Newbies (non-pilots, pilots just starting out, and pilots who do not fly as well as they would like) to Superior Pilots who fly at a much higher level than those who merely fly to FAA standards.

We provide information that brings non-pilots into that exclusive club of superior pilots so they, too, can know true freedom and live the adventures that flying brings. We share our adventures with you and want you to share your adventures with the people who are important to you personally as well as other pilots.

Founded by Doug Daniel, a US Army colonel, now retired, who was up-rooted from his civilian life four times to command Special Operations Forces in combat. As a civilian, he conducted research in fluid mechanics during the day while teaching flying morning, noon and evenings. So far he has flown more than 2, 400 hours and instructed over 1, 200 hours.

Doug test-flew an experimental airplane designed by Burt Rutan and built by him and a friend.

Doug managed an engineering department for the world’s first and largest aircraft simulator manufacturer. He was instrumental in the development of simulators for the Apache attack helicopter, the B-52, the Stealth Fighter and the Stealth Bomber.

After working in a series of senior management positions for high tech companies in California’s Silicon Valley (with interruptions by the US Army), Doug has ‘retired’ and moved to Europe where he is free to work full time pursuing his passions of teaching flying and sailing.

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